Fiberglas Chairs

Replace Vintage Fiberglass S/A Shell Shockmount

– Rebuild the inside of the fiberglass mount / grind it flat
– Glue new shock mount
– Carry out a load test

Pad fiberglass A shell

– Remove defective upholstery by hand
– Chemically/mechanically free the fiberglass surface from adhesive residues + grind/polish
– Seal the surface with a new polish
– Close the hole in the seat with a plastic plug (special turned part from our own turning shop).

Seat pad for fiberglass A-shell

Seat upholstery carrier is reupholstered with cold foam and reupholstered with premium leather or Hopsak.

Mounting DX gliders

– Remove / drill out old/defective gliders
– Press in new DX gliders + adjust the height

Laminate fiberglass S/A shell breakage

– Completely rework the defective area, laminate new fiberglass layers
– Mix special color / color synthetic resin
– Thoroughly clean / polish the surface of the entire bowl
– Reseal the surface

Clean Hopsak upholstery

Basic cleaning + new impregnation, complete upholstery fabric

Bearing bush for spindle / 4 star frame

Press out defective plastic bearing bush,

Make bearing bush / special part, press in / secure with clamping ring